Early life

Ashraf Mohamed Ali was born in Egypt and is now an Italian national having lived there for over 26 years. Ashraf started his early education in Sohag, Egypt and left at the age of 18.

Since a young boy, Ashraf has had a passion for football which led him to become a professional football player at international level.

Ashraf came from a from a commercial family background with his father being a successful businessman involved in commodities such as cement and construction steel, which led Ashraf to aspire his dreams of being the same.

Leaving Egypt, Ashraf moved to Europe, seeking to grow personal and business opportunities. His goal was to broaden his knowledge in business and understand needs of the current market he sought to involve himself in. This wasn’t an easy decision or start, facing personal challenges playing fact to having no money or stability whilst embarking on this solo journey in an unknown continent. Ashraf had a born desire to better himself and be able to enjoy a life with his future family that he wasn’t so fortunate to have as a youngster. Ashraf began his journey from Egypt to Greece firstly where he worked for almost 1 year within the construction sector on various projects, whilst doing a side-lined job in the evenings working at a restaurant.

It was from Greece that he then moved to Holland where he would stay for 2 years. During his time in Holland, he was working in different fields trying to find something which he could later build a future on to enable a stable life, which was something he found a challenge.

The last move before he later settled was from Holland to Austria where he started to find his feet in business. He started working as a broker in the mobile phone business which was his first real business which essentially built the road map for his future.

Ashraf left Austria to make a settlement in Italy with his Wife and their first born. He had a desire to continue within the mobile phone business as the Italian market was at this time the biggest market across Europe.

Once in Italy, Ashraf decided to further his education by going on to apply as a Graduate at Urbino University. It was in 1986, Ashraf excelled academically and earned himself a master’s degree in Economics.

His primary goal was to obtain a deep understanding of the markets that he started to have an invested interest in.

Ashraf is a proud father to 3 boys. It is his sons that give him the ultimate driving force through hard work and dedication to enable them to have the best futures possible.


After graduating, he began his career as a broker. Thanks to his skills, he soon managed to achieve considerable success in various commercial transactions, thus accumulating a lot of experience.

In 1995 he entered the world of mobile telephony, and the business soon became acquainted with Ashraf. He was pivotal to the success of multiple transactions in a short amount of time within this industry.

A year later in 1996, he decided to broaden his horizons by founding his first company Euro Invest S.R.L in the telephony sector, trading mobile phones serving the Italian market including big corporations, thus later becoming a wholesaler.

The true breakthroughs were in 2001, opening his companies MasterCom Egypt in Cairo and the Italian Brand TILET mobile which was the first handset made in Italy. He was awarded exclusivity for a Finnish company Benefon servicing into the Egyptian market. Benefon was closely linked to one of the then leading mobile phone brands Nokia mobile as Benefon mobile was NOKIA’S mother factory. Then in 2002, during his visit to China he founded a Korean mobile phone company having its name as VK Mobile to which he succeeded to be an exclusive agent in Europe to distribute the handsets.

Not initially foreseeing this breakthrough, Ashraf’s focus wasn’t just to match or beat rivals, but instead to search methodically within the conventional boundaries of competition and offer what customers most value and that was competitive pricing and real value for money. After securing another joint venture with a company called Newgen, a leader in research and development of mobile phones, Ashraf created his own mobile brand KN Mobile. The brand name was developed from an idea of his using his children’s first initials (KNM). KN Mobile was initially launched in Italy and then in 2004 subsequently saw the handsets being exported into the Middle East and African Continent.

Not stopping there, Ashraf’s vision continued and in the same year, after spending half of his career travelling the world on business and building an array of relationships, he established another joint venture with one of the largest Chinese automotive manufacturers ZX Auto which saw the creation of his own brand KN Motors. The brand entered both Middle East and African regions.

Also, in 2004 Ashraf established Master Com Group Holding in BVI.

During 2006, there was a shift change in markets already entered by Ashraf and he plunged into extensive research and analysis of the raw materials of various commodities. MasterCom Group Holding executed its first contract in the later part of 2006 in copper, an array of other successfully fulfilled contracts followed in Cement, Sugar, Rails, Steel, Urea and Diesel D2 and Mazut M100.

Last quarter of year 2006 Ashraf was looking to put Master Com Group Holding as a multinational company where he subsequently set up Master Com Finance Hong Kong, Master Com Hong Kong, KN Motors Hong Kong and Master Com Malaysia.

Early 2007 Ashraf’s new joint venture was to work with a new technological mobile charger under the name of MC electronics in South Korea which was used to charge mobile phones without the need for an electricity wire.

MC Electronics was incorporated to manufacture and market an innovative technology of electric equipment such as a portable mini charger for mobile phone which has that additional charging functionality.

Ashraf’s most recent venture, MasterCom Holding UK Ltd (“MasterCom UK”) is a brand-new completely independent start-up business but remaining in the procurement and sale of different commodities, including PPE and Food and Beverage. MasterCom UK will distinguish itself from likeminded businesses by keeping up with the market trends in the industry and always maintaining an excellent customer service record which has transferred its already established contracts, relationships, and partnerships over the last 28 years, into the company. Maintaining reliable and trustworthy customers the UK business has already evidenced this through Sales and Purchase contracts already transacted.

Thanks to his skills, experience, creativity, intellect, and above all his special multicultural approach, Ashraf has been able to achieve unfounded worldwide success in an abundance of fields including Food & beverage, Agricultural, Metals (soft and precious), Oils, Chemical, Electrical and PPE through 47 Companies in over 20 destinations .

Throughout his whole career Ashraf has maintained a professional image and is considered a reliable partner to be involved with.